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Sex and the Mommy

Long…long ago, in a bedroom far away, you and your spouse could take one look at each other at any point in the day or night, and just go at it. Once upon a time, a lazy weekend afternoon meant nookie, reading the paper in silence, and perhaps watching a Chicago-based sports team (for locals,... Read more »

Mom's Day Out, Geneva Style

I have spent every single day the kids have been in school within a half hour radius of that school. Until this past Monday… Three moms piled into a car and drove to one’s hometown of Geneva, IL. What a cute community. Nice streets lined with lots and lots of  shops and restaurants. Perfect for an... Read more »

The MOM Thing

Last Saturday’s blog >WIN, LOSE AND LEARN I’ve been trying to figure out the Meaning Of Motherhood thing ever since I got into this business (circa 1999). Being a MOTHER is one thing. And being a MUTHA, of course, is something else. But the MOM thing… It’s Mind Over Matter before Meeting One’s Maker.  And looking... Read more »