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Project Playground - Mission Trip 2010

Today’s guest blogger is Susan Serra, a fellow Kaz adoptive mom who has graciously agreed to tell us about a life-changing trip back to Kazakhstan.   Adopting our daughter, Leeza was like nothing else I have ever experienced. We gained so much more than our precious daughter from our time in Kostanai, Kazakhstan. For 11 weeks... Read more »

Goodbye Kostanai!

If there is anything we’d learned about International adoption, it was that it’s completely unpredictable. You have to learn to go with the flow and try not to stress about every little detail. For the most part, I think we were able to do this. Sure, there were disappointments, like the fact that we couldn’t... Read more »

Getting to Know You...

I know it sounds silly given all we went through in order to become parents, but I think it wasn’t until Dylan was finally in the apartment with us that I realized the enormous responsibility I now had. I had to somehow keep this boy alive, make him thrive, and hopefully help form him into... Read more »

Counting Down the Days...

A few days before we were to take custody of Dylan, we received the difficult news that he was suffering from an infection in his throat and would not be released to us until he felt better. After lamenting the loss of our official “Gotcha Day,” Bill and I resigned ourselves to continuing our daily... Read more »

A Day More Than 6 Years in the Making

Three days after the official date where we should have taken custody of Dylan, the crib in our apartment was empty and our son was still at the baby house due to a fever and a sore throat he developed earlier in the week. We were desperate to have him home with us, but thankful... Read more »

Milestones & Disappointments

Even though Dylan was now officially our son, during the 15-day appeal period after court we could see him only during our allotted two hours of daily visitation. You would think that, having been through this routine every day for two months, those last 15 days would have been a breeze. In truth, they were... Read more »

He's ours!!!!

My hand was shaking so bad I couldn’t put on my eyeliner. My stomach was in knots. I couldn’t eat, but I had to eat. What if my stomach started growling in the middle of court? But then what if I ate and the food didn’t settle well in my stomach and I’d have to... Read more »

Pre-court & Going it Alone

(Continued from 2 weeks ago…)   After our 15-day mandatory waiting period was up, Bill & I were assigned a pre-court day for the beginning of March. During this meeting, we were to meet with the judge, the director of the Baby House and, and a custody officer from the Department of Education (the entity... Read more »

The Delphin Baby House

Once our 15-day mandatory waiting period was up, Bill and I were finally able to file the paperwork to continue on with Dylan’s adoption. We were assigned a pre-court trial for the following week to meet the judge and establish our official court date. In the meantime, we continued our regular visitation with Dylan at... Read more »

Our home in Kostanai

According to Kazakhstan adoption laws, prospective parents are required to have 15 days of mandatory bonding time with their child before they are allowed to file a petition to adopt that particular child. After those first two whirlwind days of arriving in town, meeting our son, and having our first visit with him, we settled... Read more »