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WHAT did you just ask me???

The other day, I went to the doctors’ office for my annual physical. As the nurse escorted me into the examination room, she started going through my chart and asking routine questions such as weight, height and the date of my last menstrual period. Then she asked how many children I had. “Just one,” I... Read more »

Project Playground - Mission Trip 2010

Today’s guest blogger is Susan Serra, a fellow Kaz adoptive mom who has graciously agreed to tell us about a life-changing trip back to Kazakhstan.   Adopting our daughter, Leeza was like nothing else I have ever experienced. We gained so much more than our precious daughter from our time in Kostanai, Kazakhstan. For 11 weeks... Read more »

The Long Journey Home

This was it. The moment I’d been dreading ever since learning I’d have to finalize Dylan’s adoption by myself in a strange new city. After living in Kazakhstan for almost three months, it was time to head back to the US. Because Bill’s visa expired before Dylan’s adoption was finalized, I was now forced to travel alone for more... Read more »

Finalizing Our Adoption

(Continued from two weeks ago)   There were only two more steps needed in order to finalize Dylan’s adoption: take him to the International Clinic (or SOS Clinic) for a medical examination before he would be allowed to leave the country, and have an exit interview at the American Embassy. There was no American Embassy... Read more »

As a Mother...

Forgive me for interrupting my adoption story again, dear readers, but several people have asked me what my thoughts were about the current adoption situation going on in Russia, and I thought it was time to give my two cents on this issue.   For those of you who don’t know the story, last week, a... Read more »