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A Halloween Party (for Grown-Ups)

I know, Halloween is so 2 days ago, but I must share photos from the annual Scarrapalooza. Marianis, you have out done yourselves. You may remember photos of this party with the Saturday Night Live theme a few years ago. This time around, the theme was 70’s and 80’s sitcoms. I am eternally impressed at the dedication... Read more »

Happy New Year! ?

Happy New Year!  ?
Since our favorite curmudgeon Andy Rooney retired, we could use a good rant. It’s been awhile, and I typically hand off rants to my husband, Scott, but he’s been too swamped with work. I know he’d probably do this rant better than I, but well, the emotions are just as valid. WTF is up with having Christmas decorations and presents in the... Read more »

Happy Halloween!

Khadine's little tiger, Dylan
A few weeks ago, I wrote about passing on my love of Halloween to Dylan. On that post, I mentioned that Dylan was not at all afraid of all the Halloween decorations he was encountering, and absolutely loved all the monsters and ghouls he saw. Just as I was congratulating myself on having such a... Read more »


“We’ll chop off your head, then we’ll laugh when you’re dead“- ‘Scared Shrekless’, which premiered last night and amused us immensely (it’s on again tomorrow is you missed it!) Wow. I find myself with a whole other blog already written (this is a rare thing, as I am usually scratching my head around Tuesday wondering... Read more »

Halloween Fever

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I am one of those people who start planning their costumes three or four months in advance, who start decorating their house for Halloween the last week of September, and who puts on a costume just to answer the door to hand out treats on the big day.... Read more »