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When Does an Adoption Story End?

April 2009
In writing my posts all these weeks I’ve constantly asked myself at which point I would stop telling Dylan’s adoption story and continue writing about our everyday life as a family.   Should I stop after telling the story of our flight home, or should I write about the first few weeks of Dylan being... Read more »

Counting Down the Days...

A few days before we were to take custody of Dylan, we received the difficult news that he was suffering from an infection in his throat and would not be released to us until he felt better. After lamenting the loss of our official “Gotcha Day,” Bill and I resigned ourselves to continuing our daily... Read more »

A Day More Than 6 Years in the Making

Three days after the official date where we should have taken custody of Dylan, the crib in our apartment was empty and our son was still at the baby house due to a fever and a sore throat he developed earlier in the week. We were desperate to have him home with us, but thankful... Read more »