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What on Earth are you Afraid of?

First it was The Red Guy. Then The Dancing Cat. Now, it’s the Bat Child Found in Cave. I know, right? 90% of the time, Sam is a regular old, ordinary boy. But look out for that 10%. Every so often, something triggers a major fear response in him, and we are currently in the... Read more »

Innate Fears

One thing I distinctly remember from my ‘Animal Behavior’ class was the section on innate fears. Fears you are just born with where the behavior hasn’t been learned or modeled for you. Scientists did studies on captive prairie dogs (those social, dirt hill dwelling critters) by circling cutouts of various shapes over the colonies. They discovered that... Read more »

Happy Halloween!

Khadine's little tiger, Dylan
A few weeks ago, I wrote about passing on my love of Halloween to Dylan. On that post, I mentioned that Dylan was not at all afraid of all the Halloween decorations he was encountering, and absolutely loved all the monsters and ghouls he saw. Just as I was congratulating myself on having such a... Read more »