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Happy Birthday, Papi!

On a hike during our last trip to PR
In honor of my dad’s birthday this week, I am reposting a tribute I wrote to him last year. Feliz cumpleanos, Papi! Te queremos mucho! ____________________________________________________________________ When I was a kid, all my friends were terrified of my father. With his serious countenance, gruff voice, and thick Brazilian accent,¬† he inspired fear in the hearts... Read more »

Happy (New) Father's Day: 10 Ways To Avoid Fatherhood FAIL

My daughter is just learning to smile. I'm told that "before I know it," she'll be asking me for $20 and telling me to stop embarrassing her on television. Right now your baby wants nothing more than food, sleep, and YOUR AFFECTION. The best part? They are FREE OF CHARGE.
By Marcus Leshock“The Leshock Value” My life changed two weeks ago. Ruby Grace Leshock, my first daughter, was born on June 1st at 8:46 a.m. There are a few dates in life I will always remember – my wedding anniversary, birthdays, paydays….but times of day? Decades of appointments, meetings, school classes – It took a... Read more »

A Lesson Learned From My Father: The Three Cs

Laura and Her Dad Hugging.
Last Week’s Blog > “Postpartum Depression: PART 2” In honor of Father’s Day, the “Ay, Mama!” daddies are¬†sharing their stories. Today, my husband, Steve, talks about his struggles with Atia’s ALL leukemia diagnosis and a lesson from the past that helped pull him through. It’s the weekend before Father’s day and we are in Florida... Read more »