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Guess who's coming to dinner...

Hello Wednesday readers, as Ana mentioned a few days ago I’m the blogger-formerly-knows-as-the-Saturday-Mama. I will not be taking Nina’s place, just her space. Nina is a gem who managed to work delicious recipes into her articles; it doesn’t get much better than receiving information that is both helpful and tasty. So when Ana asked me... Read more »

For the record...

I love my children. I REALLY REALLY love them. In that vein, I’m no different than most parents. But I just want to make that explicitly clear because lately I’ve been raggin’ on them a bit. All in good fun—but still… Sometimes they read my work and I don’t want them to think I only... Read more »


…I need a moment.  I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  A few days ago, when the 12-year-old came home from school sounding like Donald Duck on helium the first thing I told him was, “I need a moment.” I didn’t want to laugh in the boy’s face, so in that moment, I composed myself... Read more »


Spring Break 2011 for the boys, Genesis (12) and Noah (9). We’ve known this week was coming since… at least September 2010.  And while we never planned to fulfill Noah’s travel plans: NOAH: “Mom, I think we should go to Asia for Spring Break”  ME: “Little boy, what kind of life do you think we’re... Read more »


I’m pretty clear that I’m a boy mom. I think boys are cool (and stinky and odd) and a lot less maintenance than girls. My boys are 12 (Genesis) and 9 (Noah) years old.  I think they are cool (and stinky and odd) and beautiful and I can’t wait to see them as men.  But... Read more »