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The Best Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in our house. Find out why in an oldie but goodie Ay, Mama! *********************************************** Twelve years ago, Bill bought me a tiny, adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy for Valentine’s Day. She was the first dog I ever had. We named her Aimee and she quickly became our spoiled little... Read more »

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. As you already know, adoption is very near and dear to my heart, as it is through adoption that Bill and I chose to create our family. Before I decided to become an adoptive parent, my knowledge about adoption came from what I heard on the mainstream media. I... Read more »

Diary of a Failed Adoption - Part VI

That was it. With one simple phone call, this adoption was over.  Except it wasn’t over, of course.  It would take a long time before it was all truly over. Because my heart still ached for the daughter I thought would be mine, the baby I dreamed about and planned for and named and held.... Read more »

Diary of a Failed Adoption - Part IV

I barely slept the night before the baby we were trying to adopt was scheduled for surgery. This poor little girl, only two days old, was going to get her Duodenal Atresia fixed, meaning doctors were going to attach the part of the stomach that was separated from her intestines. Without the surgery, she would... Read more »

Diary of a Failed Adoption - Part 3

After receiving a call from our adoption case manager letting us know that our birthmother’s water broke before her induction date, we spent a sleepless night scrambling to get our bags together so we could make it to her state before the baby arrived. We managed to board a 9 am flight on November 6th,... Read more »

Why them?

A friend of my recently suffered the devastating loss of her unborn child halfway through her pregnancy. When I reached out to her to offer my condolences, she said she couldn’t understand why these tragedies happen to good people, people who would give anything to dedicate their lives to loving a child. I understand this... Read more »

Baby Fever

I have to admit it. The arrival of my new niece has given me baby fever. Everywhere I look, my eyes seem to focus on adorable, teeny-tiny baby outfits. I notice every single infant in a stroller that passes me by. I get those little stirrings in my stomach when I see how big Dylan... Read more »

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I think of Valentine’s Day, the last word that pops to my mind is “romance.” This might have something to do with the man I married. You see, I married my best friend. I married the love of my life. I married a strong, supportive partner. I married someone I knew would be an... Read more »

The Happiest Place on Earth

A few weeks ago, my family went on vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  This is a family tradition for Ken’s family.  We try to go every 2-3 years together and 2010 was our year to go.   Before I met Ken, I had never been to Disney World.  He could not fathom... Read more »

WHAT did you just ask me???

The other day, I went to the doctors’ office for my annual physical. As the nurse escorted me into the examination room, she started going through my chart and asking routine questions such as weight, height and the date of my last menstrual period. Then she asked how many children I had. “Just one,” I... Read more »