Summertime Fun

I'd like to say that we have had a packed schedule of fun activities keeping the kids' minds and bodies occupied all day, every day.


Intentions were good... We had signed up for a video animation class, which fit right in with our vacation schedule, but that got cancelled the day of the first class, and now... we got nothing. (Which sucks, as they would have been able to design their own video game and play it at home even!)

Our carefree days are mostly on purpose, since we paused piano lessons for the season as well. I wanted us to be running amok instead of being away at camp all day or classes.

I guess I got what I wanted.

At least the week of the 4th was insane. Sam's birthday and sleepover party. The carnival opened and we went for unlimited rides. Several parties and the parade and the 4th fireworks celebrations, then the last night of the fair. All good fun.

This week...zzzzzz. At least we still have 10 AM Wednesday kids movie matinees (Elk Grove Village Theater- $1!). Puzzles and games. The pool. Library visits so the kids can play against each other on Roblox. Summer evening concerts in the various parks. Capanarri's Mooovies on the Green. We're at least hitting all of the events in town.

People often complain that for them, the 4th of July signals the end of summer. I get what they are saying, that half of summer vacation is over, and now we're on the downward slope towards all that back-to-school nonsense. (Personally, I still have their school supplies sitting in a pile in my dining room, unsure of where the hell to put it all!)

But then I remind myself that summer officially started just 13 days before the 4th. Literally. 13 days. We have a long way to go before we're 1/2 way there. So calm down. Breathe. You still have time to get Great America in, a downtown visit or a Cubs game.

We still have a vacation, Ravinia concerts, Lollapaollza, Cubs games, and preseason football before we'll even need to start thinking about wearing sweaters. Then again, with this Chicago's summer (this past week excepted), maybe it's not that long after all.

Ay, Mama!

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