Snipe Hunt!

How many of you were ever sent on The Great Snipe Hunt when you were a kid?

The perfect adult ruse; get the kids involved in a mythical animal hunt-outdoors. Beer may have been involved...

"OK, kids. I have heard that there are snipe in these woods. I have only seen one once, when I was a kid... They are little animals -or- they're huge beasts!  It was white. Or yellow. Or brown. Cute, or scary.

In order to flush them out of the bushes, you have to imitate their call: ka-kaw, or maybe mmmmmph, mmmph. Now, here are your flashlights...Go hunt!"

Well, leave it to my husband to take the snipe mythology a step further.

We were sitting around the campfire on the Olympic Penninsula of Washington state. (Near Forks, in fact, but before Twilight came out-cause then we would have stayed in Forks, of course).

Scott says, "Sssshhhh, listen." Farts. Then says, "oooh, did you hear that? That was the mating call of the Western Washington Fart Snipe."


Thus began the new lore.

While at home, we are treated to the call of the Des Plaines River Basin Fart Snipe.

In Michigan, the dreaded Leelanau Peninsula Fart Snipe bekons.

Last month, we were introduced to the Coastal Carolina Fart Snipe. When Scott went to Colorado, we received a text from him. He had heard the Rocky Mountain Fart Snipe calling.

After reading the text, Sam looked at me, and whispered, "Mom, is there such thing as a fart snipe?"

Oh, fart snipe. We may never see you, but we hear you call, and at times, can tell by the odor in the air, that you are near.

Ay, Mama!

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