Pushing Him

Maybe I am a ‘mean’ mom (I know my kids think so sometimes), but I need to push my kids to try new things.  Whether it’s a new food, sport, class, activity, whatever…I am always encouraging my kids to try.

Recently, I ‘highly encouraged’ my son Cooper to participate in a drum competition.  He has been playing the drums for almost two years and refuses to play in front of anyone or participate in any recitals offered by the school. His issue is that he does not like it when people clap for him.  He does not to be in the spotlight.

So when I heard about a competition that he could do where he would play in front of one person (no audience) and there would be no clapping, I thought this would be the perfect thing to try.

Cooper was not in agreement, but this was one of those things I pushed him into.  Usually, I give him choices in things, but this was not open for debate.  Needless to say, he was not happy with me, but he came around.

He worked really hard at practicing for the competition and was all set when the big day arrived.  Turns out Cooper came in 1st place and received a trophy (his first one) and ribbon for all of his hard work.

Cooper was so excited and proud of himself, as were Ken and I.  He was glad he tried and it built his confidence up, and that was my goal.  I need him to keep trying things and gain more confidence in himself…that is my job as a parent.

So maybe I am not a mean mom after all.  Maybe I am just being a parent who knows her kid and what he can do, which is anything he wants to do.

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