My Girl Fix

Recently, we have spent a lot of time with friends who have girls and I have to say, it’s making me think about how it would be to have a daughter. Granted, we are so done having kids, but spending all this time with girls is making think about how much fun it could be to have a daughter.

Now this is very funny coming from me since I am NOT a girly girl, and a tomboy through and through. However, the idea of going shopping for girls stuff and getting a mani/pedi with my ‘daughter’ sounds fun.

Spending time with my friends' daughters has been a blast. We have not done girly stuff during the play dates, but even with what we are doing, they are so different than my boys. How they see things and the way they talk and act is just cracking me up! Even at such a young age, boys and girls are so different.

My girlfriends told me that I should want a girl, not another boy, when I was pregnant with Cole, but I did not believe them. They warned me that as the boys get older, they are going to gravitate to their dad vs. their mom, but I thought no way will that happened. I am the cool, tomboy mom who will do everything boys do.

However lately, the boys have been all about Ken when we are all together. I know much of this is because I am with them all of the time and they only really see Ken on the weekends due to work. I love that they want to spend time with Ken and totally understand the need for the dad/son relationship. Ken loves them dearly and needs his time with them too…I get that.

However, sometimes I worry about as they get older, will they continue to gravitate to their dad more and less of me?

I love Cooper and Cole and am so grateful to have two boys. I love Legos, sports, Hot Wheels race tracks, Star Wars and Nerf guns. But I am also enjoying spending time with my friends' daughters too so I can get a little 'girl time'.

I can only hope that when my brothers have kids, that they have girls. I will be the best Auntie Lisa ever!

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