Imaginary friend

Mine was named Lulu, my husband’s may have been Mr. Steven. Almost every child I know has had an imaginary friend, so it was just a matter of time until our very imaginative daughter had one too. We have been waiting to hear about a girlfriend name something like Rosetta or Arabella, who does everything with Amelia and loves to play dress up. Since she has a love/fear relationship with dogs, we wouldn’t have been surprised if her imaginary being was a dog , but we weren’t ready for Derek.

“Derek, where are you? Ok, I’ll see you at home,” said my five year old into her kitchen phone.

“Ame, who is Derek?” I asked.

“My husband,” she replied.

Yes, our little girl wants so badly to be an adult that she has an imaginary husband. And Derek has a story, after all, Amelia loves acting and understands every character needs a backstory.

Me: “How did you meet Derek?”
Ame: “Well, you see, I was climbing a mountain and I fell and he caught me.”
Me: “What does Derek do?”
Ame: “He has 6 jobs. He works at Target, Whole Foods, the circus and as a problem solver.” (That’s what she calls a psychologist)

Like with everything with our daughter, part of her loves the imaginary husband because she really wants to be married, but also because she knows that we get a kick out of her pretend play. The good news is that she is very sweet to Derek, which is a reflection of how nice her parents are to each other. At least, that’s what my problem solver told me. The annoying thing is that Derek calls her all the time. He can’t make a decision without consulting her, so Amelia brings her phone everywhere and interrupts our conversations because of Derek. Yesterday, he showed up at Trader Joe’s because he works at the Starbucks across the street and I refused to open the car door for him. He lives in our home but I’ve never see him. I’m not about to pick him up at work too.

You may be asking, where did she get the name Derek from? She has a school teacher name Derek who she clearly has a crush. Mr. Derek is married so he was out her league, hence she had to create her own Derek. And don’t worry, we’ve recorded a lot of these conversations for future embarrassment and personal amusement. Ay Mama!

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