Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!

I would like to start by saying that I broke my pinky toe.

I would also like to say that it happened while zip lining across the lake at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, or perhaps while chasing after some zany oceanic denizen I've never before seen. But I can't.

I hit it on the door jamb of the bathroom.

I knew immediately, and now have a purple toe. I may have to change my nail polish to match it. At least it doesn't really hurt.

Stupid toe.

We did something a bit crazy this summer. We left for vacation the day after the last day of school. As if that time isn't crazy enough, we had to pack up and fly away. It took me two days to recover from the frenzy.

I have flown several times. We have sat for a delayed flight hours on end during perfectly sunny days. The day we left for North Carolina, we were heading directly into Tropical Storm Andrea. We were expecting delays or even cancellation of our flight, but no. We were even escorted past a long line of passengers through security and into the "fast lane", boarded right on time, and landed early. In a tropical storm!

Despite the turbulence, it was the easiest flight we have ever been on.

Upon arrival, the waves in Myrtle beach were huge, and they brought up lots of old shells which had been sitting on the ocean floor for some time, but they were all grey broken, and not pretty, just interesting. At one point, it was pouring rain out the front of our hotel, but as we walked from the elevator to the beach side, it was sunny. You could see it pouring right across the street, but we wallowed in clear skies. Bizarre.

It wasn't until we made it to Sunset Beach that I discovered a 'first' for me.

I was strolling along the beach and saw a purple bubble-like thing lying on top of the sand. Hhmmm. Then it pulsated. No way...

Two teens came over to see what I was poking a stick at, and we all took pictures of the Portugese Man-o-War jellyfish, that has a bubble to keep it afloat while the tentacles dangle below the surface stinging all that come near. I made a small barrier around it, hoping someone wouldn't step on it, because even dead, those stings can still pack a whallop, and no one wants to have their foot urinated upon.

We had a wonderful week at the beach, and were able to spend time with Scott's family, playing games, putting puzzles together and watching the Hawks.

We're home now, ready to attack summer, swim, play outside, and get eaten by mosquitos. I am hoping to get over the shock of my first born entering Middle School at some point this summer, but I am not counting on it.

Go Hawks!

Ay, Mama!

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