The Grand Jury

I have been completely freaking out by those three words ever since I received a golden sheet of paper via certified mail informing me that I am to appear at 22nd and California on July 1st (which is also Sam's 9th birthday-and he's upset).

Normally, I would love to be summoned to jury duty. It's our civic duty. I vote. I am active politically. I think that I would enjoy being involved in the legal process.

Several internet searches ensued. The Grand Jury meets for 30 days, and determines what cases go to trial. Awesome. No sentencing criminals. No determining death or life. Just- there is or isn't enough evidence for this person to be tried.

Sounds perfect.

But no... I get pulled for July. July!

The reason I am freaking out is that there is no school in July, and as many of you know, I am the primary care taker for the kids. What am I to do with them? I can't leave them home alone. I can't find a sitter for a month- and pay them from the $17.50 we get from the courts (minus gas). And we go on vacation in July and have paid for that already.

I ranted my frustrations on Facebook, where my neighbor, Brandi, saw it and sent me an email informing me that there's a statute where you can be excused if you are the primary caretaker for children under 12. I read through all the information online, and yes, it seems legit and I qualify. Phew.

I am writing my letter and sending it off today.

Why couldn't this have happened in January? I could have gotten help for the one hour I would be away from the kids after school. Maybe next time, but I know it will happen during the summer again.

Ay, Mama!

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