So What Are We Doing Today?

Ah Summer…I love it. I love everything about it. I was so excited for it to get here and have the time to spend with the boys, without having the pressures of school, homework and school volunteering. As you may have read in my previous blogs, I over extended myself a bit and volunteered for EVERYTHING as the boys’ schools.

Well now the lazy days of summer are here, or so I thought. Since the boys seem to fight more and more lately, I decided to sign them up for various activities to keep them busy, and to separate them from each other. Between summer school, swimming lessons, gymnastics, drums/piano lessons, golf lessons and science classes, summer is feeling a lot like the school year. But hey, I did it to myself.

Everything is spread out a bit, so it’s not as bad as I am making it seem. However, whenever we have down days, the boys are like, “So what are we doing today?” And when I say nothing, they look at me quizzically like I am an alien. How can I not have something planned for them every second of every day? What kind of mom am I?

I kid, but because I love summer so much I do feel the pressure I am putting on myself to create the perfect summer. The boys love to hang out with me still and I worry that maybe next summer will be different.

I see the older boys in the neighborhood riding their bikes and skateboards together, and see Cooper watching them intently. Will that be him next summer? Maybe, but probably not, but it could be the year after that. He is already pushing the limits as to how far away he rides his bike from the house without me. Soon Cooper will be out all summer long with his friends, and Cole will follow shortly thereafter since he already does everything so much sooner that Coop did.

So yes, I need to make this the best summer ever. Any suggestions on events or attractions for very active boys?

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