My Little Hoarder

Last weekend, we had a garage sale because we have too much stuff. And since my children seem to constantly WANT new stuff, we needed to make room for it (and pay for it) by getting rid of the old.

The problem is my son Cooper is becoming a little hoarder and does not want to get rid of anything. Now this makes things difficult when you do a garage sale.

We tried a few different approaches to get him to part with his stuff. First, we talked him through how he has not played with the old toys, but his response was he was just about to. Then we talked about how he needs to make room for the new toys and he came up with places to store them. After more conversations where we had a rebuttal for all of his reasons why he needed to keep his old stuff, he pulled out the big gun, “But, Mommy, these are my memories. You cannot sell my memories.”

How do you argue with that?

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