But I’m A Boy

Last week, the boys and I had a playdate in Chicago with one of my best friend’s daughter, who is five-years old. As we were walking to our next destination, we passed by the American Girl store and our friend asked if we could go in.

Knowing that we were heading to the Lego Store for Coop and Cole later that day, I said yes. Well, my four-year old Cole had a fit and started yelling, “But, I’m a boy…I can’t go in there, I’m a boy.”

As I tried to peel his hands off the store’s doors since he was trying to block himself from going in, I could not help but laugh a bit. Cole is ALL BOY and he could not comprehend going into a GIRL STORE.
I finally got him into the store and he continued to sulk, with his shoulders slumped over and repeated, “But I am a boy. I should not be in here.”

Cole has always been anti-girl and I am not sure why. Coop is ok with girls and really has not demonstrated any negative behaviors or thoughts about them that Cole has picked up. Cole dislikes anything girly like the color pink or purple, girl movies, shows, toys and any girls he is around.

I should really be recording his anti-girl campaign and play it back for him in 10 years when he will be all ga-ga for girls. I have the feeling his extreme dislike for girls is going to swing hard in the opposite direction in 8-10 years and he is going to become quite the ‘player’.

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