Wine in the shower

"I'm bringing a glass of wine into the bathroom" I told my husband.
"Sure" he replied knowing full well this wasn't a sexy proposal; this was just part of parental survival mode.

After seven weeks of relatively good napping, Alex decided that the day he turned 8 weeks, daytime sleeping was highly overrated. As any parent of a newborn will tell you, we now spend hours of the day trying to get the kid to sleep just to realize that it's already time to feed him again. Add to that doing laundry, washing dishes, switching to summer wardrobe, shushing the very loud and talkative five year old sibling, driving said sister to activities, etc., etc. You tell me a parent doesn't deserve a glass of wine when everyone is finally asleep.

Yet that glass of wine kept being put on hold by the fact that I needed to take a shower which I was ready for after tucking in the 5 year old. But she decided to show up to our room because 2 minutes into bedtime she already had a nightmare. I call bull#$%^. After what my friend Jacey calls "naked yelling at the child" (I was getting ready to shower, remember) I needed a drink. I poured a glass and took it into the bathroom. My husband and fellow parent didn't judge and neither should you. Leave the judging for when I start bringing the whole bottle into the actual shower. Ay Mama!

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