Watching People

My Dad passed on his love of people watching to me. I remember how we would sit at the mall, eating our cookie or ice cream cones and watch (and comment) on the myriad people passing by.

I find it interesting to see what types of people frequent the different places I go. A diner. The local bar. The library. A concert. (Of course, at restaurants, its always fun to make up back stories for people too).

But by far, for me the best people watching of all is at a music festival.

The Jazz & Heritage Fest in New Orleans was always a favorite, mainly because people of all creeds and colors come flocking to that crazy city to share a love of music and food. I loved to see how people chose to dress. How they have their hair. How many tattoos or piercings they have. Are they sporting festival shirts, sun dresses, or ironic t-shirts? Hawaiian shirts or flowy hippie skirts-(yes, guys and girls). There were all types present too- hippie to hipster, funk to funky. I loved it.

The one thing I never understood- and yes, I admit to being judgmental here- the women who wear high heels to these all-day outdoor extravaganzas. High heels-to stand in all day on a dirt track. Or even better- mud. Add in dancing and walking for miles. Oh and to wear as you go into port-o-potties. Really? In your heels?

Lollapalooza is another fun place to see people. Sure, nowadays you get your Chicago youth and their basketball jerseys (not kidding, one year, nearly every single guy between 15-18 sported a basketball jersey.) But there are varied types of people from all over the country who come as well. I love the hair colors, mohawks, facial hair creations, tattoos and various piercings. One year, we saw a guy who had an entire jigsaw puzzle outlined on his body-bald head and face included. Sure, it threw me for a loop- a rare thing, but I remembered him for obvious reasons. (That and the woman with the spiderweb tattoo on her face, but that was actually creepy.)

This guy is now on the cover of a Guinness Book of World Records, but has since had several of the pieces filled in blue . All I can think is-what a shame. He could have actually MADE a picture within his puzzle pieces. Maybe he is, and it's still in progress. Who knows.

Anyway, on Sunday, we were taking Scott and his friend Mike to the L because the Metra, in all it's fiscally sound glory, didn't have enough trains cars to accommodate the Cubs fan traffic and summer-like day and they were filled. Yes, they didn't let on any of the hundreds of paying passengers from Mt Prospect to Chicago.

We had to drive them to the Rosemont L but as an added bonus-we  got to see all sorts of comic book fans walking to ComiCon!!

It was brilliant. I wanted to pull over and eat some ice cream and watch all sorts of sci-fi and comic book character-clad fans walking past. It was fun seeing all those people proudly letting their freak flag fly. Why not? You're in good company at these events. The kids and I wanted more!

Ay, Mama!


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