THOSE Mommy Moments...

One of my good friends, who is still childless, constantly mentions the fact that she is so happy I am living my dream to be a mother. Every time I talk to her, I think “She makes it sound so glamorous. Boy, does she have a surprise ahead of her…”

Don’t get me wrong. I AM living my dream. I always wanted to be a wife and a mother and to stay at home with my kids and enjoy them while they grow up. I know that I am blessed in the life I have and – most of the time – I enjoy it very much. I love my boys to no end and I have a happy, fulfilling life, but glamorous it certainly is not.

There are certain aspects of motherhood that leave me breathless with wonder and awe. Seeing how quickly my baby learns things and seems to be doing something new every day…watching my son read a book by himself for the first time…snuggling with both of them on the couch and feeling their warm little bodies against me…these are just a few of those moments that come to mind.

However, a lot of the time, I find that motherhood can be a little…perplexing. You think you know what you are getting into, but the truth is that there is no way you can have any clue of what being a mom is all about unless you are living it. For many of us, the biggest  adjustment has to be the loss of any and all personal time.

When you bring a baby home, people will advise you to catch up on your sleep when the baby sleeps. This is just a giant joke on their part, because mothers everywhere know that kids are wired with some kind of detection feature that alerts them when Mom is trying to rest/relax/have some time to herself.

Babies who normally sleep three hours during the day will immediately start crying 45 minutes after being put down because they sensed the moment you lay your head down on your pillow for an afternoon nap. When you have a household of two children, they will NEVER nap at the same time so you can get some rest too.

Kids who are normally snoring at 8 pm every night stay up until 10:00 pm on Thursdays because they somehow know that it is Grey’s Anatomy night and that is the ONE show that you still watch (thank goodness for DVR!).  How do they know to do that? And WHY????

How about this scenario?

It is quiet as a mouse inside the house. The kids are engrossed in a movie and have been oblivious to you for the past thirty minutes. You think, “This is the perfect time to call so and so and catch up.”

You steal away to the next room and dial the number. Two minutes into the conversation, you kids come charging in, screeching, fighting, complaining about hunger, and chasing/teasing each other. They are so loud that the person on the other end of the line cannot hear you anymore and you have to end up hanging up for fear that they will think you live in some sort of circus.

The moment you hang up the phone, the kids immediately loose interest in you and go right back to their movie. The house is quiet again in a matter of seconds.

Does this ever happen to you? That is the story of my life. It never, ever fails.

And how about trying to go to the bathroom by yourself? Forget it. Most days I have an audience of two boys and a puppy in there with me, all clamoring for my attention.

The list goes on, of course.

I am sure I’m not the only one out there experiencing these things, so I am hoping you will share with me those Mommy moments that make you go, “No one told me about THIS!” Let’s discuss and laugh together now. I know that soon enough we’ll be crying because the kids are gone and we’ll have too much time in our hands.







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