The Simple Things in Life

The Simple Things in Life

What small things in life makes you happy?

I have always loved those simple little pleasure in life which provide such happiness and which are free (for the most part).

I love climbing under fresh sheets for a mid-afternoon nap. Standing in the crowd witnessing an amazing, live musical performance. The smell of my magnolia tree in bloom (see photo). Watching a movie in bed with my kids- snuggling with one on each arm. Laughing with my husband and realizing that even after all these years together (22!), he still totally gets me, and I him.

We need some lightness in our lives, and now that spring has decided to actually show up this year, let us celebrate by sharing our simple pleasures in life.

Amy O: I was making the boys' lunches and was the first to open a new jar of peanut butter. That is one of my favorite things...Why? I don't know, I just love being the first one to open a new jar.  I don't care about any other new condiment...just peanut butter. The peeling back of the sealed foil, no crusty peanut butter on the edge of the jar yet or jelly mixed in there. It's awesome. Oh, and brand new socks are another simple favorite thing.

Kathleen G: The thing that would make me happiest in this world would be to have my whole family the same time! Nothing could top that! After that: writing poetry; listening to music & drinking wine on the deck with my hubby; decorating my house at Christmastime,the first time I feel the sun on my bare arms after a long winter; the lush, old-fashioned beauty of a peony blossom; making a salad with just-picked lettuce from my garden. The simple things are always the best.

Pamela: Brand new socks. Joyfully slid a pair on this morning! Agree that is one of life's unsung delights. I am going to add cotton bed sheets (especially on days when you have just shaved your legs).

Barbara: The inside of a brand new sweatshirt...

Tracey K: The sight and scent of lilacs as we finally enter Spring!

Kim N: Drinking an adult beverage while looking at a lake or an ocean!

Katrina S: Listening to the pure joy in my children's giggles...

Beth R: The smell of chocolate that wafts over my home from Blommers when the wind blows off the lake. And the sounds of chimes and church bells.

Jenny M: the look of sheer joy on my dog's face when I take him to the ocean. (I can attest to this one- the photos she shares show her dog smiling from pure joy!)

Katie D: Ireland, family and water in any form.....pool, lake, ocean, or bath.

Tom F: A day/evening watching baseball, punkin pie, fresh, line-dried sheets, swimming in & feeling & tasting "Mother Ocean," a blizzard, having my little house all clean for company, 2 years of firewood all cut & split & stacked, a nap.

Amy L: When the house is all picked up.  When my kids sit in my lap (best when it's one at a time, but I'll take all 3).  A good workout.  Sitting poolside while my kids take swim lessons indoors during cold weather...LOVE the heat and's like a 1/2 hour tropical vacation.

Marni F: Glen Hansard's sweet voice, of course, and the intense strumming of his guitar

Dana L: A clean house that I cleaned. A great meal that I cooked from scratch. Seeing my child excel in activities and school. Taking my dog for a walk or throwing his ball/ frisbee. Spending time with old friends and family. Laughing with my husband. I'm old fashioned I guess.

Laurie M: A glass of red wine with a dark chocolate truffle. Live music in the summertime and a nap in the middle of the afternoon !

Nicole M: The sun shining on your face after not seeing it for a looong time. A baby / child's TRUE belly laugh - LOVE. IT. Cool, clean sheets. A great book - the kind you don't want to end. Hydrangeas. A great meal & red wine. The feeling you get when all of your children are asleep at the end of a long day. The smell of a bonfire / fire pit. DQ Blizzards. More red wine

Robin O: A really great smile. Doing something that earns me that smile. Helping someone else through a crisis. Taking care of others. Hearing my family members laugh. Feeling comfortable in my own skin. And a weird one-being really dirty and then getting clean...pure joy!!

Laura G: the strong, smooth feel of my husband's fingers on my hands.....

Becky B: something truely peacful tome is, hanging wash on the line to dry.

Eileen M: a great run, laughs with friends, my daughters giggling, Wrigley field on a warm day, good live music.

Melissa M: Today, the laundry was completely done for 5 glorious hours. It has been my silent mission for the past 18 months, and I had never been able to pull it off until today!

Laura L: A hot bath, water up to my neck, a glass of wine, good music playing, Words With Friends and no one fighting outside the bathroom door. That would make me happy.

Kathleen S: Buying flowers and books. A hot chocolate chip cookie out of the oven. Rainy days (I know, I'm weird)


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