The Love/Hate Relationship

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I seem to be developing a love/hate relationship with Cooper.

One day he will tell me how much he loves me.  That I am his best friend, and lately, Cooper will say that he wants to marry me.  I love it!

Then the next day, when something occurred that made him really mad, he told me he hated me.  That hurt to hear. I really did not think I would hear that until he turned into a teen.  Although within an hour, he loved me again.

Then a few days later, Cooper was very mad at me and told me I was the worst mom ever.  Huh?

Lately, Cooper has been very emotional and gets upset very easily.  Some of it is influences by other kids at school.  Another part is him trying to push his control and make his own decisions.  Lastly, I think he is just tired.  Cooper loves to hang out at home and just play with toys.  He could stay in his PJs all day and just play. 

Unfortunately, I am not wired that way.  I have schedules, places to go, things to get done.  I have the boys involved in a lot and there are days when we don’t have time to play at home. 

Maybe some of it is my fault and I need to recognize that Cooper is just a kid.  Also, I need to recognize that he is not like me.  He does not need to go-go-go.  He needs some down time.

Granted, Cooper cannot talk to me or anyone else that way, but I need to determine what occurred to drive him to such an outburst.  I know he loves me so I need to figure out what’s going on in that cute little head of his.

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