The Chore Chart

Lately all I hear from Cooper is how much he wants something.

In April, he received a ton of stuff for Easter and was still asking for more toys a week later. I told him he was not going to get anything new until next month, so on April 30, he was asking me if we were going to Toys R Us the next day. There are a few things we plan to do to ‘break’ Cooper of his need for ‘new stuff’, and one of them is to make him earn the money to pay for things.

Last weekend, we bought a Melissa & Doug Chore Chart and clearly explained to Cooper the things he must do that he does not get paid for like cleaning up his toys, picking up his dishes, etc. Then there are other chores he can do and get paid for like vacuuming the floor, watering the flower or emptying the dishwasher.
So Cooper has seven chores he needs to do, most are everyday, but some are once a week like sorting laundry.

Payday is Sunday, and I plan to give him $5 a week if he completes all of his chores, plus he continues to do the ‘unpaid’ chores. Is this a fair wage? What are your thoughts?

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