Swimming with the Fishes

Summer is upon us! If not officially - June 21st holds that honor - then unofficially. Over the next few weeks nearly all of our beloved kids’ activities are wrapping up, including preschool, Spanish, t-ball and dance. Gymnastics is the only one left standing because it goes year round.

We are a family that thrives in a structured, scheduled environment. The kids like knowing that on Mondays we do this and on Tuesdays we do that. And although the spontaneity of letting loose and enjoying the summer is fun, the novelty of that approach wears off quickly for my kids and within days I’m bombarded with the dreaded complaints of I’m bored or This is boring.

So, within the cold, harsh winter months, my quest for the perfect summer schedule began…

BLOG-PIC---ATIA-SWIMMINGThe first priority this year was to get the kids in swim lessons. Atia’s already five-years-old, so I definitely felt behind the eight ball on this one. Both of the kids love the water and really enjoy kicking it around, as long as they have life jackets on. We've all seen the newest trend with the cute little characters on the front. If not, take a moment to check them out here . Take it from me, they work and are great!

But we wanted more. We wanted the kids to have the skills to actually swim without training wheels. So we asked around. After several recommendations, we enrolled at Goldfish Swim School (2630 W. Bradley Rd.).

Starting mid-June the kids will be taking classes at the same time (phew!) in age-specific groups. One of my primary requirements was that I wouldn't have to get in the pool with them (I mean, I have a newborn that will be coming along with us – how the heck would I be able to help the other two while caring for the baby?!?). So, when the folks at Goldfish Swim School explained that the small class size ratios of 4:1 were in place to ensure not only an exemplary learning experience, but also to eliminate the need for parents to get in the water, I was delighted!

Several of my friends have praised the school’s facilities and teaching methods – their mission is to provide extraordinary swim lessons in a child friendly environment - so I’m looking forward to seeing how well the kids do. If the kindness and helpfulness of the staff is any indication, I think we’re well on our way to having two little confident swimmers on our hands soon.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

To learn more about Goldfish Swim School, follow them on Facebook or check out their website .

Full disclosure: I have received complimentary swim lessons for my children and intend on providing our readers with a full review of Goldfish Swim School’s facility and techniques.

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