Garage Sale Weekend!!!

With those three magical words, the Village of Mount Prospect is transformed from a sleepy burb into a bumper-to-bumper, hustling town for an entire weekend.

Hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of deal seekers, bargain hunters and rare artifact collectors swarm our town seeking to feed their jones.

If you are a fan of these events, it's awesome.

Sewing mackine? No worries. There are tens for sale (I was looking for one last year and saw that a friend was selling one in the 'classified ads' for the sales.-Yes, there are ads for the sales. Otherwise, how are you to know which of the 500 houses is selling stuffed animals, Chicago Bears stuff or baby items?

I have been a part of this weekend since we put a bid down for our house here in 2004, but as a seller, only once. My friend Sue & I came out to the burbs from the city and we walked the town and bought things. I even visited our future house for their sale and bought their old rocking horse and kids kitchen set. I believe all of us were happy to keep these treasures with the house, especially the horse which was ridden into it's well-deserved retirement not long ago.

Sure, some look down their noses on buying used items, I get that. But for me, this has always held a fascinating culturally anthropological aspect to it. What kinds of crap do these people own that they now think others will pay $1 for? I love this. Especially when there is a particular piece of crap that is ready for the dump, but someone is asking $5 for it. Really? $5? Ha. And you always hear on Antiques Roadshow that someone bought this knick knack at a garage sale for $1 and it's from the Ming Dynasty and worth $16,000. As if that's happening to me, I would pass right by that little green vase...

Over 500 houses in town host sales this weekend. It's sponsored by Picket Fence Realty ( there a cuter name for a realty place?) Here's the website for the sales if you are thinking of heading here after reading about it. There's a link to the map and the ads if you need to seek a specific item.

Sue B.- I know I will be running into you! Let's text.

In fact...what am I doing sitting here typing for? I must be off in search of some albums to replace our losses from the flood a few years back, some kitschy Christmas decorations, and some boys' shorts. See ya!

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