A loud one

Is it a boy thing? Is it digestion issues? Is it that he already found his voice? None of the above, as usual our pediatrician says "It's normal, some kids are just noisy."
Apparently, we have a loud one. From the moment he came home, our son makes all sorts of noises mostly in his sleep. His sister and father sleep through all of it, his mother is constantly awaken by the parrot-like screams, dragon like hissing emanating from her second born.

Before we installed the video monitor, I would constantly run to his nursery to make sure he was ok. Now, I'm constantly looking at the monitor. The moaning and groaning has no explanation. Sometimes it happens the hour before he gets up to be fed. Other times he will holler in mid sleep. When he is eating he makes a delighted noise; when you pick him up he groans like his 85 year old grandfather getting out of a car. I dare say he moans and groans more than he cries, which having survived a baby that cried a lot, I much prefer the noise.

It's just ironic that our newborn sleeps relatively well for his age and I'm still losing sleep. In all fairness, he's 5 year old sister still waking up in the middle of the night doesn't help. Anyone else have a screamer in their hands? How long will this last? Does this mean he'll be talking by age one? Ay Mama!

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