13.1 Miles – DONE

Last Sunday, I completed my Half Marathon.  I actually had fun for the first 10 miles.  I was smiling and really enjoying myself.  Then on mile 11, I hit a wall.  Well actually, the sun came out and it was rough for those last miles, but I did it.

It was great to have Cooper, Cole, Ken and my brother Tim there to cheer me on.  What a difference it made to have them cheer me on.  I knew where they would be standing so I was so excited to see them.

Yes, I did it, but I really could not have done it without the help and support of Ken and Tim.

My brother Tim is really the reason I signed up to run this race.  He wanted me to run the Chicago Marathon with him last year and I said NO WAY.  After I saw him run Chicago, I was so inspired to try it.  He suggested doing a Half Marathon first before diving into a full one.  GREAT IDEA TIM! My brother was there for me during this entire training process.  Providing me with a training program, offering advice on what to eat to make the soreness go away after those long runs and always asking me how I was doing with running.  I probably called him once a week with questions and he was always patient and willing to offer some great advice.

My husband Ken was supportive from the start when I said I wanted to run the Half.  He was always willing to watch the kids when I had my long runs.  He researched for me how to monitor my training and pace and set up my technology (NIKE Chip).  Ken was never shy about giving me a good kick the butt when I needed it when I wanted to wimp out and quit.  There were many days I wanted to quit and it is because of him that I didn’t.  Ken helped give me the motivation I needed to see this race through and achieve my goal.  He reminded me that I needed to be an example for Cooper and Cole.  I needed to remind them that you don’t quit!  You finish what you started.  He always believed I could do this, when there were times I really doubted it.

So thank you Tim and Ken.  I really did finish because of both of you.  Tim, you gave me what I needed to get my body prepared and ready to run.  Ken, you gave me what I needed to get my mind prepared and ready to run.  I love you both!

As for how I am doing after running 13.1 miles…

Sunday afternoon, I sat on the couch and tried not to move because everything hurt.  On Monday, I could barely walk upstairs, sit down and my legs kept locking up.  By Tuesday, I was walking better and did not look like Frankenstein when I walked, and on Wednesday, I was able to walk down stairs without much pain.  However it was all worth it. Today, Thursday, I am running for the first time since the race…a short 3-4 miles. 

Last Sunday night when I put Cole to bed, he asked me when I was going to run my next race.  I asked him why and he said because it was so much fun to see me run.    

So is there a Marathon in my future?  I guess I have to say never say never because you never know, but I would tell you that it’s probably a sure thing to bet NO WAY!

13.1 miles is DONE!

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