People Are Still Annoying

Thank you for your patience last week, but in light of all the insanity that was occurring in Boston and Watertown, I could not write about fluff. It's a different story this week. We need some levity.

I warned you that there were more pet peeves to be aired. I wanted to post them all two weeks ago, but 1. There were too many, and B. I experienced issues updating my post and could not add nor edit (sorry Briget!) so I could not accommodate everyone.

Next week, it has been requested that we do a positive thing (enough clouds!) and blog about those simple joys in life, like the smell of a baby's head, or freshly washed flannel sheets. So start thinking about those little things which make you smile.

But first...the things that drive us crazy (Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!!!)

Katie:  When someone says, "I don't mean to be mean but...." NO YOU ACTUALLY DO MEAN TO BE MEAN. Don't preface something you don't mean. Too many means?

Debbie: Slow drivers...weaving drivers that can't stay in their own lane...drivers in parking lots by stores that insist on driving in front of the stores and then have no patience for pedestrians. people in stores that inevitably move onto your side of the isle when they see you comming because they are "looking" at something and then you have to go around them. basically people that have no consideration for others.

Erin: Sitting next to someone on the train who is picking their nose!  Eeeewwww! Also, people slopping their gum and chewing like a cow, and people sucking in their snots when they are sick.  I know, its gross, but you asked!

Lisa V: GUM SMACKING! (This was all she sent, in all caps, so you know this really bugs her. I think I will have to keep gum on hand for the next time I see her!)

Nanette: When people get off an escalator and stop right at the top.  Like where are the people behind you suppose to go???  Move!!!! When people try to get on the elevator car before you’ve gotten off. When your husband decides the best place for his dirty laundry is on the floor next to the hamper – not in the hamper, but on the floor next to it. Couple that with inside out everything! When someone uses that last sheet of toilet paper, doesn’t replace the roll and the back-up stock is empty.  And you’ve already peed. When someone puts the peanut butter jar back in the panty – empty. When someone at work goes into the refrigerator and eats your lunch (ala Ross on Friends).

Nicole: My ultimate pet peeve is when people  litter. A tie with people who litter are people who do not display an ounce of COMMON COURTESY, for example. Not saying thank-you when you hold a door open for someone. Not saying please and/or thank you, in general. Not giving a simple wave when you pull over to one side while driving and let another car go through - scenario when there is only one lane open. People who have no SPATIAL AWARENESS - while driving and personal space. Disgruntled teens and/or people in their early 20's in any sort of customer service role - be it a fast food restaurant or retail store -  behaving as if you are bothering them when you are just patronizing that business. People who drag their feet.  Unless you are 80 or older or have some sort of handicap, there is no excuse. When people brag too much about their kids - please realize not everyone thinks your children are as smart, athletic, amazing or adorable as you! When a man wears zuba pants or pajama pants out in public - no one wants to see some middle aged man free-balling.  Eeeew! Pee on the toilet seat - whether it be at my home, another person's home or a public restroom. And last, but not least, MOUTH NOISES!!!!

Amy H.: Two words: REPLY ALL. Especially when scheduling things.  I don't need to know the eighteen reasons you can't attend the such-and-such meeting, outing whatever.  Reply to the organizer or better yet, use a scheduling Web site like evite or doodle so you can enter your response without clogging the rest of the mailing list's email! I could go on and on about REPLY ALL.... :)

Nancy: I hate pokey drivers! I followed a car going 27 in a 35mph zone. Couldn't get around her. Makes me want to ram my car into her. Road rage, except I have a new car.

Laura: Just thinking about my Pet Peeve makes my blood boil. I hate being stuck at a green light because the person in front of my car is texting while driving.  At such moments I wish I had a Mr. Microphone (remember the cheesy commercials?  "Hey Good Looking, I'll be back to pick you up later!") so I could announce my frustration.  I would love to say, "Get your eyes off your phone and onto the road!  There are families out here that want to get home safely...dumb-ass."

Joan: one of my major pet peeves is people yakking on their cell phones in loud voices in public, often saying personal stuff that should not be meant for the ears of strangers.  It's OK to answer the phone but cut it off promptly.  Don't wander all over the ailes and browse through all the merchandise while you're talking!!

Briget: The failure to use turn indicators. I mean, it is really too hard to flick the lever with your pinky to let people know where you are trying to guide your 4,000 pound moving vehicle?!?

Lisa H: People who says Alls as in Alls you got to do. And I fricken hate that smokers think my world is their ashtray.

Nancy: drivers who honk at the car in front of them in a left-turn lane to try to bully them into turning into oncoming traffic. Hate that! Unless there is no large truck obstructing the view, there is clearly no oncoming traffic, and the driver is looking at their phone. Then by all means honk.

Scott:  (yes, my Scott, who replied of Facebook right after Nancy): People who don't turn left despite me honking behind them. It figuratively drives me up a wall when people misuse "literally". Vanity sizing. I'd love to believe I still have a 33 inch waist, but a tape measure would prove otherwise. Small, medium, and large are somewhat arbitrary designations; 34 inches is not. So why are these pants big enough to fit a water buffalo? Makes buying on line a total gamble.  Playlists that fail to acknowledge the existence of songs recorded in the last 25 years. Wedding DJs and the state of Florida are often guilty of this.

Derek: following Scott's lead on pants: why are the pants for tall people on the bottom shelf and the pants for short people on the top shelf? and one more: people who leave really long winded voice mails and then say their phone number in about 0.01 seconds at the end. I don't want to re-listen to the entire message just to get your phone number. I realize that with modern technology you can rewind the last part easily, but it stills annoys me nonetheless....

Kathleen: Dopey waiters or waitresses who can't get a simple order right and then disappear when you want the check.

Tom:  Non-stop "ya know what I mean" "ya know what I'm sayin" "guess what" "that's a good question" "uhh-h-h." Now on to drivers: People that don't know how to use their turn signals or dimmer switches, people driving 40 MPH in a 60 MPH zone with vehicles lined up behind them, (especially motorhomers here in Colorado vacationing & looking). 4 lane highways: People driving in the passing lane while everyone's passing them on the RIGHT. AND...snot nosed sniffers.  "realtor" & "athlete" have only TWO syllables. Those who don't know the difference between IRONY & COINCIDENCE.

Joanne: #1: People that watch a concert through the screen of their smart phone. Annoying. Please turn in your cool card. #2: When I find recyclables in the trash that is 6 INCHES from the recycling container.

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