Everyone Needs A Vacation

Rich or poor, young or old, everyone needs a vacation now and then.  A break from your normal life and all the things you NEED to do.

A few weeks ago, the boys were on Spring Break and even though we did not go anywhere, it was a blast.  Next year, we will go someplace fun, but this year we were home and that was more than ok…it was great!

Our life is all about schedules.   Between work, school, homework, sports, music lessons, errands, life in general, we are always on the move.  And I am ALWAYS trying to cross things off my never-ending ‘to-do’ list.

Spring Break Week, many of those things got ‘put on the shelf’ so to speak and we just enjoyed ourselves.  It is amazing how much more patient I was with boys and how much more fun we had together with less things to do.

I always feel like I am the ‘time police’ with Coop and Cole, dragging them here and there, while trying to get everything done.  I worry sometimes that the boys may see me as “not fun” because I am always asking them to do ‘this and that’ and don’t schedule enough “fun” on our to-do list.

But Spring Break Week was different.

Yes, we did get back into our normal routine, but I learn something over Spring Break.  I need to pencil in some fun and silliness more often.  Heck, they are only kids once and for such a short period of time.  Who cares in the laundry piles up or we miss that great sale at the store.  I learned that we all need to stop and take a vacation day every now from our lives because they need it and I need it too.

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