You’re Moving Where?

A few months ago, my brother told me that he and his wife were moving to Austin, TX. My sister-in-law got a new job in Texas and my brother decided he was going to take the next step in his career and go to culinary school.

Now I know this is not earth-shattering news, and people move out-of-state all of the time, but not in our family.

Before we had kids, Ken and I considered moving to Arizona. We vacationed there many times and really liked the Scottsdale area. We love hot weather and hate the snow so for us, Arizona made perfect sense. There were a few times that we were really close to moving, but we never did.

For us, everything needed to be planned. We did not have jobs in Arizona and were not willing to take the risk of rolling the dice on something new. We also we did not want to leave our family and friends behind and miss out on time with them, especially if we had kids. So here we are…still in Chicago.

I have so many emotions about my brother and sister-in-law going to Texas. I am happy for them because they are so excited about it, and it’s a great opportunity for both of them.

I am also very sad that they are leaving. It’s not like we see each other every week, but usually once a month. At first, I told myself I was sad for Coop and Cole. They love their uncle and auntie so much and now they will not see them as much. However, I now realize I am sad for myself too. I am very tight with my brother and consider him one of my closest friends. I also love my sister-in-law dearly as she is a great friend and sounding board for me. At one point, they were talking about move closer to us and I was so excited about the possibility of seeing them more, especially if they had kids someday.

As the time for them to move nears, I realize I am also jealous of them. They are brave and doing what I never had the courage to do. They are young with no kids and have their whole lives ahead of them. They are taking a chance and are willing to take a risk for happiness.

It is what it is as I always say. I’m here in Chicago. Could I move? Yes, but it is harder now that we have kids.
Maybe I should though. Kids move around all the time and it teaches them that change is a part of life and not something to fear. I try to ‘sell’ the boys on moving to a warm location all the time. Shorts year round, playing outside every day, picnics, but it’s not working.

So maybe I will not move right now, but one thing is for sure. I need to teach the boys that change is good and they need to be willing to take risks for the sake of their happiness and dreams.

Good luck to my brother and sister-in-law. We love you both and wish you all the best on your new adventure!

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