The Moms Got Away

The Moms Got Away

Eight suburban moms spent a long weekend in Florida together.

Amy burned her feet terribly, as she forgot to sunscreen her tootsies. I burned the backs of my calves for the same reason. Several backs and faces were burned. With all our odd sunburned places, we could make one complete human (stolen from Keri).

Time spent peeling my nose today: 5 minutes.

After taking this childless trip, my advice for parents with kids still at home: go somewhere. Everyone needs some time away from their kids. It doesn't matter if you go with your husband (I so wish I could!), or if you go with your friends. It is important to get the hell away, if even for a weekend. I came back with more patience than I have had in a very long time, and a smile on my face. Especially when I picture Laura sitting in the back of the kayak saying she felt like a native american, and Keri telling her "Shut up and row, Pocahontas." Still laughing.

My personal highlight was heading out to the mangrove swamp along the intercoastal waterway. Well, the long cab rides were not fun, except for when our cabbie informed us that all those fine white clouds in the sky were the result of 'them' spraying 3 chemicals in the air to make clouds to reduce global warming. Someone asked, "Who is doing that?" He responded NATO. Of course.

You could hear crickets chirp. He said there was a class action suit involved and he was gonna get in on that.

Later, Keri laughed that he ususally is wearing his foil hat in front of his ham radio.

Back to the swamp- five of us rented kayaks and rowed for two hours along the trees. There were Snowy egrets and white ibises and blue herons. They said dolphin and manatees were around as well, but we only saw several foot-long baby sharks. Then it got really shallow so you could easily see the bottom. Sadly, no sea stars nor sea horses were spotted, but I did find a big mollusck who decided to come out of his shell and flail around as I was getting my picture taken with it. (I may have been slightly distressed.)

We ate tons. Drank lots. Danced crazily. Did yoga outdoors. Walked along the ocean for miles. Laughed til our sides hurt, and ate fantastic food. The sun shined the entire weekend and it got warmer and warmer with each passing day. Did I mention the free Happy Hour at our resort?  At 5 til 5PM, everyone in that place would line up and chat with everyone to await our free drinks.

Start thinking about your getaway. I want to go again already, but at least it's spring, an getting warmer and lighter out. So there's hope!

Ay, Mama!


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