The Mom's Getaway

What happens when you take 8 suburban moms and deposit them into tropical climes in the middle of winter without their spouses and children?

I don't know, but we are about to find out.

Seven Mt. Prospect moms and my sister from Oak Park are boarding a plane bright and early today and heading for St. Petersburg, Florida. I have never been there before, and a special thanks to the Honcharuks for calling and letting us know the best places to go for dinner and drinks and ice cream- they've taken care of those pesky decisions for us!

After three weeks full of doctor visits, 3 bad cases of the flu and a bonus ear infection, sprinkled in with ass high piles of snow, then even more snow...and this could not come at a better time. If only I could stay awake past 10 PM (something I have not been able to do since getting sick.)

At least two other families have been hit with a bug too, and I know for a fact that every single Mom is itching to get away from it all for a few days.

The kids had Monday off for a teacher's institute day, then Tuesday for a snow day, and for the rest of the week, I am running around trying to get my hair cut and colored, the toes done (green for St. Patrick's Day, of course), and those eye brows waxed.

I have also been having a daily glass of wine (or two) to limber up for some serious alcohol consumption. It's important to train, you know, and I plan to be in shape.

This just in- all over the news today were reports of sharks migrating along the Florida beaches and warnings not to enter the water. They're calling it a shark swarm! I am hoping the gulf is clear of them, as I am bringing my snorkel!

It reminds me of when Scott & I went to Puerto Rico and did some adventure snorkeling-meaning we drove to the end of the road, and had a 20 minute hike down through the old dunes until we came to this amazing white sand horseshoe shaped beach. We were the only ones anywhere around. It was amazing, and slightly unnerving-mostly because when we jovially asked the guide at the path's start if the sharks were biting today, his response was, "No. They don't bite. They eat."

Ay, Mama!

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