The final countdown

If  I make it full term, I'm a month a way from becoming a mom for the second time. (Go ahead make your bets about an earlier due date; my family has been doing so since they saw my pregnant pictures last week.) You know I'm not really thinking about becoming a mom for the second time. I'm mostly thinking about delivering a baby for the second time. I'm not as petrified as the first time...who am I kidding, the thought of history repeating itself has me scared sh*&^%##.

Other than that, the whole family is getting ready for baby boot camp. I haven't slept well in months and now my 5 year old is waking up in the middle of the night again, so rehearsal for sleep depravation has started. My husband has practically shaved his head because he knows he won't have time for a haircut in the next 3 months. Lately, I find myself sitting in silence whenever I can because I know that too shall end.

I've applied for maternity leave or short term disability which in my case will start the day my water breaks. And that brings me to one of the most frequently asked questions during these last weeks, "are you working until the end?"

Of course I am! I really don't know many working women who don't work until the last minute of their pregnancy. Unless the doctor says otherwise, most us work until the end,  because we have to save all our sick days and vacation days so we can use them to spend more time with our newborn. I've said it before, I think I work my hardest during my pregnancies in order to secure a longer maternity leave.

I'm lucky, I love what I do and work has always been a great escape from real life. Plus, I have wonderful bosses and coworkers who make sure I'm not over doing it. Yes, all that tumbling and dancing has been my choice. So if all goes as planned, you may hear me say: "Larry, Robin my water just broke so back to you."  Ay Mama!

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