Super Why Comes To Chicago

The Emmy-nominated kids TV series Super WHY now has a live theater performance that is coming to Chicago on Friday, April 26 at the Chicago Theater.  Based on the top-rated PBS Kids TV series, Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power will combine entertainment and education for an interactive live experience.

This exciting theatrical show was written by the TV show creator Angela Santomero who also created popular shows such as Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodSuper WHY Live will bring the TV show’s proven ability to boost preschoolers’ literacy skills to life.

The theatrical show will take kids and parents on a live reading adventure by traveling inside a book to find answers to the question…Who has the Greatest Super Power in the World?  The show will feature kids’ favorite literacy-powered superheroes: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red with Word Power, Princess Presto with Spelling Power, Super Why with the Power to Read, and their puppy pal Woofster.

Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power soundtrack is available now at iTunes, and retailers nationwide. Super Why Live party packages are also available and offer premium seats and a meet & greet with Super Why the characters after the show.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Angela about the exciting new theatrical show, and below is an excerpt from the interview.

What can people expect from the performance?

“The theatrical show is a mixture of the TV show and a live stage musical.  It will feature many of the classic songs children know from the TV show and a story about who has the greatest superpower.  In the end, the audience will find out that they have the greatest superpower and we should celebrate everything our children do.”

Is this a very interactive show?

“It is.  There will be various times during the show where the story is being told and other times when the children will be up singing and dancing in the aisles.  The children will be amazed when they see their favorite characters come to life, sing, dance and offer hugs to all of their friends.”

So the children get to meet their favorite characters?

“Yes, our most popular characters from Super Why sing, dance and have an adventure on the stage to determine who has the best superpower.  They come off stage and into the audience to sing and dance with the children.  We also are selling special VIP tickets that include a fun ‘Meet & Greet’ post-party after the show where the children can meet with their favorite characters, take pictures and secure autographs.”        

The TV show has been on for years…why did you decide to do a theatrical show now?

“In this age of virtual media, the idea for the show came to us from moms.  Via Facebook and email, moms reached out to us asking us to bring Super Why to their town.”

You have been responsible for many popular, award-wining children’s TV shows.  What is your inspiration?

“My mission and vision has always been to bring educational entertainment to a whole new level.  Resulting from my background in developmental psychology, instructional technology and education, I try to provide an innovative approach to programming.  That said, I also have two adorable daughters who have been my inspiration and sounding board for ideas every step of the way.”

If you would like to buy tickets to the Chicago April 26 Super Why Live show at the Chicago Theater, please visit

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