It’s Just Snow

Last Tuesday, we were supposed to get a ton of snow. Everyone was freaking out about it. So much so that on Monday night, the kids’ schools contacted us and cancelled classes on Tuesday. Seriously. Not even one flake had fallen, but yet they were already cancelling school. It turns out all of the districts around us cancelled classes as well.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I looked outside and saw that still, not a flake had fallen. Again I thought…seriously. Around 9am, the snow started to fall although it was light. I decided to take the boys out to a “jumpie” playground to let them burn some energy, and they were thrilled. However, when we got there, the place was closed due to the snow. One more time, I thought…seriously!

We did find a place that was open… the library, and it was completely empty. Where was everybody? The schools were closed. What were people doing today? The roads were empty.

I guess I was stumped. Why did people feel they had to hide inside just because of a few flakes? Why did everything seem to shut down…I mean seriously…IT”S JUST SNOW!

We all live in Chicago…why are we so surprised and freaked out when it snows? It really drives me crazy when people get so weird about the weather. December through March means snow, April through May means rainy and cold, June through September means hot and sticky and October and November is cold and windy. It’s really should not be a big surprise. It’s March. It’s going to SNOW.

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