Facial Hair (No Not Mine- in Men)

Facial Hair (No Not Mine- in Men)

Scott & I have a long term deal with each other. I like it when he grows a beard and some years, during the cold months when the sun won't be visible to tan his cheeks, he will grow one.

Why not? I always figured.

I get a kick out of how men will express themselves through their facial hair. Think about how facial hair has defined different eras.

The first thing to come to mind for me is the 70's with their long sideburns and bushy mustaches.

Then the was the ever-present 90's goatee or soul patch (at least for me, living in Chicago).

Going way back, there were the mutton chops of our founding fathers.

And who could forget ZZ Top's long flowing beards.

"The Hunger Games" nailed it when they had their games master sport that crazy shaved design in his beard...which brings me to today's tale.

Scott had a beard this winter. We went to a water park with some friends this week for spring break and since it is officially spring, it was getting to be time to shave. He disappeared for a time, then emerged from the bathroom sporting a look he had been joking about all winter.

The Monkey Tail.


He sported it for one day, but we captured it on film.

(We also may have sung "Shock the Monkey" all day).



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