Any day now, right?

As of last week, this baby can come any day now. My due date is April 4th but, sparing you details, for 2 weeks now my doctors have said he will be early. At my last visit, the doctor pretty much told me she would see me at the hospital this week.

Well, call it anxiety or wishful thinking, since that appointment I've been saying to my husband "tonight is it." My aches and pains are different, again, I'll keep the details to myself. The poor man already put our bags in the trunk and gets up startled every time I'm on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

"Are you ok?"
"Yes, go back to bed."

My water broke last time, but I have no idea what to expect this time. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember what contractions feel like because I had them hours after my water broke and I was already at the hospital. Plus, I quickly asked for an epidural; I'm not a hero.

Our little girl came 9 days earlier than her due date so I don't doubt her brother will follow her example. And this Monday morning I'm kind of ready for him to arrive just to stop every person that sees me from asking: "that baby is still in there?!" "It's like you've been pregnant forever."

No sh#%, imagine how I feel! Ay Mama!

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