A New Family Member!

Remember last week when I jokingly ended my blog post about our struggles keeping fish alive with the phrase “Should have just gotten a dog!”?

Well, we did. But not because of the fish.

A few weeks ago, one of Bill’s friends, who is very involved in animal rescues, suggested we ‘like’ a Facebook page to a nearby store that went from selling purebred puppies to only rescues. Being a dog lover, I ‘liked’ the page, and for weeks would take a look at the new pups coming in with nothing more than an observer’s interest. They were cute, but I knew we were nowhere near ready for a dog.

Then I saw his picture.

He was one of a litter of three male husky/pug mixes (I know, weird combination - I don’t even want to know how that went about!) and he just had the most adorable puppy face I had ever seen. Something about him just tugged at my heart.

I started checking the store’s page every day, at first once, then several times a day, to see if he had been adopted yet. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dog. I even dreamt about the dog.

After a few days of showing Bill the pictures and his non-adopted status, I finally convinced him that we should at least go meet the pup. Bill agreed to go meet him – but JUST go meet him. On the way to the store, he kept repeating that we were only going to go play with puppies but that we were NOT buying one.

I myself was pretty sure that we were not going to buy him either. I really liked him. I wanted to meet him. But having a dog right now was crazy. Our lives were crazy with just the boys, imagine adding a puppy to the mix. With Bill’s spring travel schedule it would be completely up to me to take care of the dog, potty train the dog, take him to obedience classes, etc. There was no way I could do all that on top of taking care of two very active boys. We were just going to meet him, play with him a little while, and then head home.

Well, you already know what happened. The moment they took him out of the cage, we were smitten. Even Bill, who had been so adamantly against getting a dog on the way to the store, put up ZERO resistance once he’d met him. After playing with the pup for about thirty minutes, it became pretty obvious to us that he was coming home with us.

And so he did.

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