Who Needs Toys?

Last week, Cooper and Cole spent most of their days NOT playing with the endless amount of toys they have accumulated. Rather, they spent hours run and jumping into a pile of pillows. Who knew that a pile of pillow could keep Cooper and Cole occupied, happy, active and most importantly NOT FIGHTING for hours.

I think all parents have figured this secret out at one point or another. How pots and pans or Tupperware containers can keep a child’s interest is fascinating. Or how about that huge refrigerator or TV box when you were a kid? That was gold when we were young as they made the best forts and castles.

I think back when I was younger and how I did not have nearly the amount of toys that my sons’ have, yet I survived and have good memories. Why do we feel the need to have so many toys?

Maybe I need to bring out some of my ‘old school toys’ and see if those hold any interest for the boys. Or look for that big magic box.


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