First Love

This might be one of those posts that Dylan curses me for when he is older, but as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I could not resist the temptation to write about it.

Dylan has discovered love.

He is head-over-heels for a neighbor of ours, Lauren, who also happens to be in his Kindergarten class. Lauren’s mother is actually one of my best friends, so Dylan has known Lauren all of his life – in fact, our first play date ever when we came back from Kazakhstan with Dylan was at Lauren’s house. They have played together countless times and gone to each other’s birthdays, so I guess it has been a slow-budding romance, but now cupid’s arrow seems to have hit Dylan hard.

The first we ever heard about his infatuation was one day when we were reading a Spider-Man book and Dylan suddenly said “When I grow up, I’m going to marry Lauren and move to New York City with her.”

“Oh?” I said. “Lauren from your class, Lauren?”

“Yes,” Dylan answered. “And we are going to live together in New York City and have a family there and we are not going to speak Spanish.”

I couldn’t wait to talk to Lauren’s mom and let her know we were going to be in-laws. Thankfully, she was just as excited as I was!

Since then, Lauren is a constant topic of conversation at our house. Dylan talks about her frequently, draws the two of them together all the time, and is over the moon about the fact that he and Lauren have been switched to the same table at school. It is the cutest thing ever.

The other day at the gym, I was thinking about all that Dylan has said about Lauren and realized that this first infatuation signals the start of years of crushes and heartaches and will-you-be-my-girlfriend-mark-yes-or-nos. I hope that Dylan will continue to be as open about his feelings with us as he is now, and that we can help him and guide him in the years to come. I hope that we can teach him to be respectful and gentlemanly towards girls. There will be times when his little heart will get broken. I just hope there are not too many of them and that they don’t scar him.

Then again, maybe I should be more worried about him breaking hearts that being heartbroken himself. When I went to get him from the gym daycare, his friend told me his little sister and Dylan had kissed each other on the mouth. I wonder what Lauren will say when she finds out????

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