All Hail The Single Parent

Sometimes when Ken and I are fighting about the kids (most of our fights nowadays), I think how much easier it would be if I was a single parent and could make all of the decisions myself. I would have no one to challenge me, or as Ken puts it, provide a different perspective. There would be no compromise, no yelling, and I would not have to hold my tongue in front of the kids when I disagree with how Ken is handling a situation. Life would be so much easier right? Now let me say I do not think about this often, just occasionally when I am really annoyed with Ken.

So when Ken told me he would be out of town for a week on business, I was sad he would be gone so long, but a small part of me was looking forward to everything being my way.

Well as they say, be careful what you wish for because that week he was away, it seemed all hell broke loose. That week, many things went wrong and I found myself looking forward to Ken coming home.

That week, I thought about how single parents do it. Unless they have a really good support system, there is no break, no relief. Ken’s father died when he was young and my poor mother-in-law was responsible to raise three very different kids by herself. She also had to work three jobs to support her children. Now being a mother, I have such a greater appreciation and respect of what she truly when through. I can understand why she wants to spend so much time with her grandkids since she really did not have the opportunity to have that carefree life with her own kids.

I’m sure there are so many similar situations out there of single moms and dads struggling to do what they can to support and spend time with their children.

So next time I am frustrated by having to compromise with Ken about a situation with the kids, I should really stop and be grateful that I have someone who cares so much about our kids and is willing to share in the love and responsibility of raising our children.

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