You Know You Have A Boy When…

The other day at breakfast, Cole said to Cooper and me, “Hey, does anyone want to see my butt?” I was like “WHAT”. I asked him to repeat himself as I was not sure what he said, and yes, that is what he said.
I have to admit, I thought it was funny at first, but then I was concerned as to where he heard that from. Did someone in school say that to him? I asked Cole and he said he just thought of it. No one had said that to him before.

Things like this I seem to be hearing more and more lately in my house. Here are a few other quotes I heard just this week:
- “Don’t worry Mom. I used my hand as a tissue.”
- “Broccoli makes you toot? Really? I want more.”
- “Brown markers are mud monsters that are attacking my letters.”
- “Want to hear me burp?”
- “Girls are bad. They don’t know how to play right.”

Yes, I have boys who love everything about being a boy. And this is only the beginning for me. After all, the guys are only six and four, and most of these quotes (actually all) came from the four-year old.

I try to look at the positive side of two boys. Although I don’t get the chance to go shopping for really cute clothes, make-up and other adorable girl stuff, I won’t have the teenage drama of girls either.
That said, my friends who have teenage boys burst my bubble as they told me boys can be as dramatic as girls during the teen years.

Oh well. At least the boys keep me laughing. And really, I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.

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