Things are about to get crazy

"Things are about to get crazy. And by things, I mean me."

This was the morning greeting to my husband last Saturday as I announced that I was starting my third trimester. Blame it on the nesting period or just the fact that we (and by we, I mean me since I'm the one who has them) weren't planning to have another child and so we gave all the gear away. Add to the equation that our first child is a girl and this one is going to be a boy, so we have no clothing saved for baby number 2 either.

I am ready to kick the equipment and apparel search into high gear but my spouse is not. I've been calling on all those friends who have offered ANYTHING and rallied the troupes for the April arrival. I'm aware of our lack of space so I don't need it all, but enough to survive the first 3 months. Meanwhile, Steve wants to leave it all for after the baby is born. This is where our 2 cultures clash. His Jewish family is very superstitious, does not throw baby showers and does not buy anything until after birth. My Catholic Latin culture is all about preparedness.

Like everything in our marriage, we are finding a happy medium. With out first daughter, we didn't set up the nursery, but we had everything purchased and "hidden". We are doing the same thing now; we are going to check out strollers, but probably not purchase until after the baby is born. Don't worry, we will have a car seat by the time our son is leaving the hospital.

With Amelia, we had our second bedroom empty before she arrived. Since we have no real bedroom for this kid, we will empty the dining room, his nursery until the lease is up in August.

I guess you can say we are both getting our way. I get to prepare for baby number 2 while Steve remains oblivious to what I'm doing. Hopefully come April, he will use his magical powers and have everything ready when we get home from the hospital. Ay Mama!

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