Pregnant observations

Fellow pregnant ladies, when it seems everyone around you is saying: "Wow, are you sure you are due in April? Is it one baby? You have some time to go!", give it a week. It seemed that for a week, that's all my coworkers could say, seven days later, the same people said: "April, you are almost there."

And if you are lucky enough where random strangers watch you at work every day on TV, you'll get my favorite compliment. "When did this happen? I didn't even know you were pregnant. You don't look pregnant on TV." If the flu wasn't at epidemic levels, I would hug and kiss each viewer who says that. I credit my female camera person for making sure I look my best as I expend in front of the lens.

At this point, I only want to wear leggins and sweatpants. I am overwhelmed by all the crap we have to get in order and the fact that we have 68 days before baby boy arrives. I also think its time to keep me away from others. My mental editor is not working that well and I am really just saying the first thing that comes to mind. Hence this very random blog.

During the next 2 and half months, I suggest our Morning Show producers keep the finger on that button that mutes cursing. Ay Mama!

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