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I am still giggling over the comments my little Sex Blog received last week. So much so, I joked that I should do a sex advice column, but then, what does some vanilla mom from the burbs really know?

In my opinion, our culture concentrates way to much on violence and not enough on sex (not porn, silly. There is plenty of that out there. I'm talking about sex. Consensual, passionate sex.)

Interestingly enough, the blog last week also got mentioned in some 'Blog of the Day' articles from around the country. I know, right? So a big thank you to anyone who read & passed the blog on. See, Sex does, indeed, sell.

I feel the need to share two more Sex and the Mommy items with you. One I forgot about and one is from a comment I received. I believe they both deserve to be put out there, so here:

1. The Non-Sex Sex: You either don't have the time or the inclination, so you ask, as a big personal favor, to just pretend you did have sex. Usually is made up for later, by having a 'Longie'.

2. The Kid Scheduled Activity Sex: The mere mention of "Art Class" in my house is greeted by raised eye brows and smiles all around. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Art Class was a 2 hour, late Saturday morning class for kids under 7. We could actually have BOTH young kids out of our house while Scott & I were home together? Sign em up! (Vacation Bible Camp would fall under this as well. Our kids go to an evening one while we celebrate God in our own way. Snert.)

We mentioned "Art Class"  with Scott's parents once, and they gave us a knowing laugh. They then shared the story of when their family would vacation at their cabin/resort in northern Michigan, there would always be a Bingo Night for the kids. It brought a whole new meaning to that evening for Scott, who remembered Bingo Night. It was cute, because even years later, mentioning Bingo Night made both of Scott's parents smile and blush!

That's all the sex talk I have for now. Bye everybody who just came just for that!

Random Observation: Over the course of 20 years of going to a gym to exercise, I have noticed that 95% of the women who stroll around the changing room buck naked are of asian descent. Several other ethnicities cower in their corners, shamefully covering our flesh back up as soon as we can, but not the Naked Asians. They stand nude and proud. Kudos.

In the sky today: there is a beautiful waxing crescent in the day time skies for the next few days. It's a lovely moon, and I always like it when you can see it during the day.

Locals: The 'Daily Herald' ran a story about home break-ins in Mt. Prospect from Central to Golf, and over to Busse, but c'mon, they have a car, so... They recommend leaving lights and a TV on if you go out at night. Be alert out there, and keep an eye on your neighbor's house too.

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