Is This the Year?

If you are a longstanding reader of this blog, you might remember that I have been struggling with my weight the past few years. During our first adoption process, before Dylan came home, I gained so much weight from stress eating and quitting cigarettes that it was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life. I lost a lot of weight after our three months in Kazakhstan for Dylan’s adoption, only to slowly gain most of it back again after we began adoption number two.

After our failed adoption back in November 2010, I decided to do something to make me feel better about myself and joined Weight Watchers. I lost almost 20 pounds and was only a few pounds to my goal when we were matched with Liam’s birth mother. The stress eating started right back up again, although I did not gain nearly as much as I did during Dylan’s adoption.

Since Liam came home, my weight has yo-yoed up and down. I will get back on the Points until I am once again almost to my goal, so close I can almost taste it, and then for some reason I let myself go and gain a few pounds again. I’m not talking a huge amount – never more than seven pounds or so – but just enough to set me back and make me beat myself up over it.

I’m sure you know why I am writing about this today. New Year, new resolutions, first time weighing myself since spending two weeks eating greasy, delicious food in Puerto Rico during Christmas break…I was so afraid to get on that scale after the trip! I was convinced I had gained over seven pounds. Imagine my surprise when I finally took the plunge and found out it was only three.

For the two weeks since I’ve been back, however, I’ve found it really hard to get back on track. Between going out with friends and trying to fall back into our routine, I’ve just been too tired and lazy to track my meals and come up with a healthy meal schedule for our family.

However, in the past few days, I have started finding inspiration in the people around me. Our babysitter recently joined Weight Watchers and has lost four pounds in her first week. My good friend Kate who lives in Washington, DC also joined a while back and has been documenting her weight loss on the WW blogs. To date, she has lost 11 pounds. I admire her for her bravery in opening up about her journey and have found inspiration not only in her words, but those of the people who comment on her blog. I’ve also started working out with one of my best friends here, and this has helped me get off the couch and back in the gym.

With all this inspiration and support around me, I hope that this will finally be the year I reach my goal weight and stop sabotaging myself. Wish me luck!



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