Heaven? No, It's Iowa

Heaven? No, It's Iowa

What do you get when you combine five moms over 40 with some dance music?

Normally, I would answer that you get lots of gawks and stares from the younger generations, who then flee in mortal terror.

Not so this time.

We got a floor filled with dancers ranging in age from 4 to 45, with all of the teens even joining the fun.

Who knew?

Three Mt. Prospect families joined in with my sister's family and friends in their long-held tradition of a New Years ski trip to Sundown 'Hill' in Iowa. We've all decided to make it our annual event as well, especially since the kids really took to their skis and snowboards. All the kids play together in the pool. We get to sing Gordon Lightfoot's classic song of the same name for two days straight, and the adults don't have to drive anywhere and face the "Amateur Night" terror that is New Years Eve. (It can be a scary night as people not used to drinking get over-served then think it's OK to drive home.)

I love seeing all the kids in their ski lessons, while completely enjoying those two hours where I can get some good runs in with the other parents and my niece who is in college, and teenaged nephews (see photo). I can mostly keep up with them on my board, making me feel less old (though my legs burned mightily at times). We even saw a bald eagle soaring overhead.

Scott chooses to cross country ski instead (he's a mountain-snob, preferring to avoid midwest skiing) and was delighted when every mile we headed west brought more snow on the ground until a really lovely snow base actually existed in Iowa.

For myriad reasons, I have never been a big fan of December 31st, but spending this time playing with family and friends is softening me up, and I can now face this night with a grin and even anticipation. My highlight: dancing to Rihanna's "Disturbia" with my 8 year old.

Now, if only my calves would stop screaming at me every time I flex my foot. Those snowboarding muscles are a little atrophied!

Ay, Mama!


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