In our house, we take turns picking out where to go out to eat on Friday nights.  Yesterday, I asked Cole what his dinner pick was going to be for this Friday.  He always picks Panera as that’s his favorite place, so I was surprised when he told Cooper and me Red Robin.  I asked why that place, and he told me he was picking that restaurant for Cooper as that’s Coop’s favorite place to eat. Coop then said that next week he was going to pick Panera for his dinner pick since that was Cole’s favorite place. 

As I sat there and listened to this conversation, my heart melted and I just had to smile.  I was so proud of both of them for thinking of each other.

It is very important to me that Cooper and Cole are close.  Ken and I always talk to them about looking after each other and that brothers are buddies. 

I know both of them will do great in whatever they do in life, but as a parent, I would be so proud if they grew up as close friends.  I know life may take them both in different directions but if they remained close, I would be happy with how I raised them.  And if they wound up living together, that would be the icing on the cake.

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